C.R.T.A. - Drawing = rhythm + tone + associations

C.R.T.A. – acronym for:
Drawing = rhythm + tone + associations

"What we see is not what we see, but what we are."
Fernando Pessoa

The primary segments of drawings that can be discerned in the course of its formation are in this natural order - the rhythm of line, tone of surface and association. They point us to the formal language of art and visual culture that is constantly used in the creative turmoil. This dimension of language reminds us that we nurture artistic creativity with the eternal need to question and answer on those questions ...

Drawing is an experiment ... and "to experiment is to live in the world as an open process, project and time." Drawing is therefore a record, chronicles of the development of thought, view of personal "picture of reality", and usually our primary path while looking for answers.

Young artists Jelena Bando, Melinda Šefčić and Vanja Trobić, during their studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, launched an interesting project called C.R.T.A. Project is designed as a one-day experimental drawing workshop through which the participants will by socializing and co-operating with colleagues gain experience and new acquaintances, and present their work.

Drawing as a medium was chosen for several reasons, but mainly because drawing techniques allow a large breadth of movement and work in such a short working time. Also, the drawing is clearly defined by the creative temperament, and thus the preferences and diversity of approaches will be preferably recognizeable. Regardless of the format and technique, artists will, during the day, realize the drawings to be presented on the appropriate exhibition.